Is Counter64 the appropriate SYNTAX for implementing SNMP private MIBs using the /proc/uptime value?

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  • Ubuntu 18.04 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • net-snmp
  • SNMP v2

SNMP defines hrSystemUptime RFC2790-Host Resources MIB, but hrSystemUptime returns to 0 in approximately 497 days (one count up every 1/100 seconds).4294967295/100/3600/24=>497)

Therefore, I am thinking of using the value obtained from /proc/uptime.Use the left of the two values shown below.

24939.24 78721.83

Also, the uptime command seems to use the /proc/uptime value (

And I'm thinking of adding a new private MIB and defining SYNTAX in the MIB as Counter64.

In a Linux implementation, the value to the left of /proc/uptime is obtained in tv_sec and output in unsigned long (linux/ master·torvalds/linux).For 64-bit CPUs, unsigned long is a 64-bit representation of the 64MP bit.

    Even though the
  • /proc/uptime value goes up from zero, is it appropriate to use Counter64 for time-handling purposes?(Do you want me to implement it?)
  • Will Counter64 be treated as 64-bit on Linux with 32-bit CPUs?

linux snmp

2022-09-30 13:47

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RFC 2578 7.1.10.Counter64 For, use

  • Use for incremented values
  • Wrap around to 0

It only says


The value ASN_COUNTER64 is used for snmp_set_var_value().

Since the implementation sets the value to structure counter64, pass the structure counter64 to snmp_set_var_value().

structure counter64 is defined in asn1.h.

structure counter64 {
    u_long high;
    u_long low;

u_long is unsigned long

  • 4 bytes (32-bit) in 32-bit environments
  • 8 bytes (64-bit) in 64-bit environments

2022-09-30 13:47

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