I want to launch server.js for server side rendering on the Python-based Google App Engine.

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I would like to run angular-universal on a Python-based Google App Engine. npm run build will create a server folder containing server.js and server-side js files for Server Side Rendering, as well as the front-side source.When I go to the dist folder and say gcloud app deploy, I deploy to the dist folder of this python-based app, but I want to start server.js with node.js. How can I start server.js with node.js from the dist folder where I deployed it?I checked and found that ge can't edit or type commands.
Is it like deploying server.js written in node.js separately and starting it, or does it need another Yaml file?There are many things I don't know how to write in the yaml file, but if you know anyone, please give me some advice.

The current App.yaml is as follows:

runtime — python 27
threadsafe —true

- url —/static
  static_dir —static
- url: /assets
  static_dir —assets
- url: /.*
  static_files —index.html

npm run build: This is the /dist folder generated by entering the dynamic command.
- browser folder
| |
| _assets folder
| |
| - index.html
| |
| -......
- server.js
- server folder
-assets folder

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2022-09-30 13:47

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Because Google App Engine Standard only works in the language of each Runtime, Python Runtime cannot run node.js.
So basically, App Engine Standard doesn't have the same server-side rendering method as JS.S.
Use App Engine Flex, Cloud Function, Compute Engine,
if you want to do that I think I will use the Kubernetes Engine together.

2022-09-30 13:47

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