High probability of loading failure when running dev on a particular Nxt.js project

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If you run npm run dev in and try to access it after building the server in local, the load icon keeps spinning and becomes inaccessible.

The logs are as follows, and there is no particular fatal abnormality, and there is no information on Chrome's Nertwork and Console tabs, so I am having trouble finding out the problem.
If you can use it normally with about 1/2 chance, and if you can access it for the first time, it will work fine, so I've been rebooting it repeatedly until it works, but it takes a minute and a half to build, so it feels like a waste of time.

By the way
·Create and execute other projects
·Upload to server
The same problem did not occur when I did.
I would appreciate it if you could give me some information even if it is at the guessing level.

(base) user:projectDir$npm rundev

>[email protected]/Users/projectDir

2020-06-13T02:35:24.943Z 11:35:24

   │                                             │
   │   Nxt.js v2.8.1│
   │   Running in development mode (universal) │
   │   TypeScript support is enabled │
   │                                             │
   │   Listening on: http://localhost:8080/│
   │                                             │

ℹPreparing project for development 11:35:28
ℹInitial build may take a while 11:35:28
✔ Builder initialized 11:35:28
✔ Nxt files generated 11:35:28

 WARN Browserslist:canise-lite is updated.Please run next command npm update

ℹ Starting type checking service... 11:35:32
ℹ Using 1 worker with 2048MB memory limit 11:35:32

✔ Client
  Compiled successfully in 1.30m

✔ Server
  Compiled successfully in 1.16m

ℹ No type errors found 11:36:50
ℹ Version: typescript 3.5.3 11:36:50
ℹ Time: 13296ms 11:36:50

ℹ Waiting for file changes 11:36:50
ℹ Memory usage: 790 MB (RSS: 1.16 GB)

javascript vue.js nuxt.js

2022-09-30 13:48

1 Answers

I solved myself.I was using nuxt2.4, but it seems that it was a version-dependent bug.
Resolved in the latest version.

2022-09-30 13:48

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