TODO List Values Not Cleared, Stopwatch Not Displayed

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Thank you for your help.Thank you for your cooperation.

I'm thinking of making a daily exercise record with Monaca.

Created new and loaded TODO list

I just connected it to my phone and it worked.
Data is not cleared after adding
The previous value has been retained.

Does this mean that the original data provided is strange?

Also, use Notepad and Stopwatch
I'd like to record the time I went there.

With the above in mind, it did not work when I incorporated it into HTML.

Are there any good study sites?

What I'm trying to make is

Two images of A and B and two buttons on the top page
Once you click the button, go to each HTML (A, B)
A and B each have an image of A and a stopwatch, and an image of B and a stopwatch.
(Countdown format)
When you're done, save your results to the list

You can create the top page.
Once you click the button, you can also go to each HTML (should be)
The stopwatch doesn't display well.

javascript monaca html html5

2022-09-30 13:50

1 Answers

Assume you are referring to the ToDo App in the Monaca sample.
This sample does not clear the value after adding ToDo, so the value remains.
If you want to clear the value after adding it, implement the action to clear it yourself.

Regarding the stopwatch, at least you have to show me the source
I can't answer why the display is not working.

2022-09-30 13:50

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