I want to create an animation that moves cells horizontally when I open UITableview.

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Here's an example of an amazon app, but just like this, I'm going to slide the cell a little bit with the code.
I would like to realize the animation that will be restored.
With UIScrollView, you can control the offset amount by changing the contentOffset, but
How do I animate the left and right swipes of the UITableviewCell?

The sample animation shows the book Swift, but if possible, please use objective-c.

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2022-09-30 13:52

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There is only a UIScrollView on the custom cell.It's not a swipe, it's a bread (drag).

If you don't have any knowledge of creating or controlling custom cells, you need to learn them, and if you have them, you just need to know that UIScrollView is being used.If you look at the related items that appear when scrolling to the right, you may have manually modified the display state or changed the width of the content for half-end offsets through the delivery instead of paging.

2022-09-30 13:52

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