WebAPI Runs "connection-refused" from Android Device

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I implemented a WebAPI in GAE/PY (standard environment).

I ran this WebAPI from an Android device.

I have checked the following, but what do you think is possible?
Also, is there a condition for connection-refused in the official GCP document?

■ Confirmation
1. No reproducibility
 It was resolved in about an hour.It has not occurred since then.
2. There was no trouble on the GCP side
 There were no GCP problems during the time of the event.
3. No client restrictions
 There is no IP restriction in the firewall.
 No IAP restrictions
4. No request log in Stackdriver logging
 There was no request_log when the event occurred.

python google-app-engine

2022-09-30 14:02

1 Answers

We recommend that you read the answers to Verifying Connection refused errors and determining the cause that were asked in teratail.

2022-09-30 14:02

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