How to color-coded modeling using only the shaders

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I'm a beginner at unity.

I'm learning a lot about unity shader, but there's no one I can talk to, and I'm struggling, so I posted it herem(__)m

I installed the sample in this official article and fiddled with various things, but I was shocked that the 3D model was completely color-coded with only the shader.
(e.g. treasure chest, silver frame, gold key, wood color other than that)

In addition, this shader can be used to attach things made of wood, keys, and even color-coded

Looking at the shader, I'm in agony because I don't think it's triggerless, probably apexed, and I don't know how it's color-coded at all

If anyone knows anything about this, I would definitely like you to let me know.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but thank you for your cooperationm(__)m


2022-09-30 14:02

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The 3D graphics engine (OpenGL or DirectX) fragment shader Unity uses is essentially a mechanism for calculating the "color" of textures.Therefore, it is not unusual to be able to arbitrarily change the color of objects from the shader.

Fragment shaders should be written in a special programming language called shading language, but Unity's shader graph seems to be a visual and interactive feature. As far as the graph is concerned, color information is channelized at Split node and processed independently."It seems that "">Combine node"" is resynthesizing into color information."

2022-09-30 14:02

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