Modules and Methods Do Not Color When Writing Python Files in VSCode

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I am writing Python code in VSCode.Up until now, modules and methods have been colored, but on a new PC, they will remain white.

I use two PCs (Windows 10, Linux Mint) and I don't remember fiddling with the special settings, but both of them were colored, but only the VSCode of the new PC (Windows 10) was not colored.Configuration is not synchronized.I reinstalled it, but it didn't work.

After disabling all the extensions on the original PC and enabling them one by one, I found out that the colors came when Python (ms-python.python) and Pylance were enabled, but I am having trouble comparing the settings of these two extensions.Please let me know how to deal with it.

VSCode on the original PC

on the original PC

on the new PC VSCode

on your new PC

python vscode

2022-09-30 14:04

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It may not be good to write here, but it was a guest login, but I cannot log in again and restore my account, so I will write it here.
It has been resolved.It seems that magicPy was interfering and the directory was not deleted during uninstallation.Sorry, I didn't write it because I uninstalled the extension before loading the folder.

Dear oriri, thank you for your advice on anything other than the question.Honestly, it's helpful.
Dear kirara0048, Thank you for the link.I will use it as a reference in the future.

2022-09-30 14:04

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