When I send the URL via LINE, only the Android version is not linked on the talk.

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If you implement Send via LINE in the MONACA app and send a URL scheme as a message, iOS will link the URL scheme and open the app directly in the LINE talk sent, but the URL scheme will not link on LINE on Android devices.

Of course, you can tap the web address as a link.

Please let me know if you know how to link the URL scheme to Android devices using LINE.


2022-09-30 14:08

1 Answers

First of all, regarding the issue of sending a URL such as twitter://hoge on LINE, it is not a problem with your program, but with LINE, so why don't you contact LINE support?

If there is nothing we can do about it on the LINE side, we will have no choice but to use http(s)://.

  • Launch the app using links or Javascript from the web page accessed at that URL
  • Configuring the Intent Filter to Pick Up http://hogehoge

The latter method cannot be implemented on iOS, so I feel that the former method is necessary to send it without worrying about the other person's environment.

2022-09-30 14:08

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