How do I check the php version of an external server?

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Is there a way to check the php version or apache version of an external server that I don't manage?

Can I know the following information?

  • Runtime information such as php
  • Web server information such as apache
  • Hardware specifications such as memory and CPU

This information is generally only available to administrators, but
How much information can I access from the outside?
Server specifications and software versions of Yahoo Japan, which operates on a large scale, etc.
I would like to know

php apache

2022-09-30 14:08

1 Answers

Basically, it's okay to understand that you can't know.

Servers and applications are not often "large or small," so if you're not considering running a service with Yahoo-sized traffic, you won't be able to apply this information directly (for your information).

2022-09-30 14:08

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