I want to extract only certain strings from the csv file

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When loading the CSV below and outputting the tweets, I would like to extract only accounts containing specific string retweets ([email protected]***) and reflect them in a separate column (test4).

Install Python on Windows as a running environment.

■ CSV Contents

 test1, tets2, test3, test4
[email protected]: What language do you want to learn?

What you want to implement

test1, test4
RT @senti: What language do you want to learn? @senti 
RT @sancho: What about today?       @sancho
RT @sacamuchi: Fun @sacamuchi

I looked up the code below while searching on the website, but I can't get RT account from line csv (test1).

How do I set it up to extract RT accounts only?
I'm sorry to trouble you, but could you tell me?

import pandas as pd
import csv
pd.set_option("display.max_colwidth", 12000)

df=pd.read_csv(r'/Users/catuti/Desktop/tweets_2019.csv', encoding='cp932', names=["test1", "[email protected]"], usecols=[0,1], skiprows=[0], skipfooter=0, engine='python')
df = df.replace({'\n':'<br>'}, regex = True)
df = df.replace({'\r':'}, regex = True)
df = df.query('test1.str.contains("[email protected]") or content.str.contains("[email protected]")')

python python3

2022-09-30 14:08

1 Answers

Uses regular expressions for usernames.

#Assume loaded df exists
import re

regex = re.compile(r"^RT(@(\w){1,15}")")

def get_username(text):
        return regex.match(text).group(1)
        return None

df["test4"] = [get_username(x) for x indf["test1"]]
df.to_csv("test_out.csv", index=False)

2022-09-30 14:08

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