How to reduce the badge that the app counts the date in kill state

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I am creating an application that counts down the specified date.This app displays the number of days remaining until the specified date as a badge for the app icon.

I would like to know how to reduce the number of badges when the app is in kill like this app.(The above application does not seem to use a server.)

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ios objective-c

2022-09-30 14:09

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This can be achieved with UILocalNotification (local notification).

When you schedule it, fill in the local notifications until the scheduled date, and you will be notified without a server, even if the application is killed.

If it's a countdown by 12/24,

  • Update your badge to 2 at 12/2200:00
  • Updating the badge to 1 at 12/2300:00

You can set up a notice to reduce the number of badges every day.

2022-09-30 14:09

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