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Tell me about external billing.

Currently, we offer free apps to the App Store, Google Play Store, and au Smart Pass, and offer some content via in-app billing.

As a future prospect, I would like customers to use the paid content they purchased in the above-mentioned market as well as the OS. Could you please let me know if it is possible to include rejections?

·Application provided free of charge.
·Sell multiple paid content (provided for one year) within the app.
·We issue our own ID when we download it for free, and we link the billing information to this ID.

[What you want to implement (example)]
·Is it possible to use the charged content across the OS?
(1)Download the app free of charge from the Google Play Store and purchase paid content.After that, I want to download it for free on the au smart pass so that I can use paid content that I bought from Google.
(2)Download the app for free in the App Store and purchase paid content.After that, I want to switch to an Android device, download it free of charge on the Google Play Store, and use paid content that I bought on iOS.
(3)(2) Reverse pattern (I want to use what I charged on Google Play on iOS)

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2022-09-30 14:10

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You may have misread some of them, but in conclusion, you can implement them in the form of "issuing your own account and linking billing information to that account."

Also, if you implement it so that you can pay with the official in-app billing system for Android and iOS, it won't get stuck in the rejection target.However, in both apps, for example, if you add the phrase "You can pay by credit card" and guide it to the web to make it a UI that allows you to charge for credit cards, the possibility of rejection will increase.
Especially for iOS, Apple has very strict rules for rejection, so there is a possibility that it will be rejected just by showing that it can be charged on a different system even a little bit in the app.

Regarding the "Link billing information with your own account", the biggest obstacle to this requirement is that you need something that can objectively determine that A's terminal and B's terminal are owned by the same person.

For example, in AppStore and GooglePlay, each account (the former is an Apple ID and the latter is a Google account) determines whether it belongs to the same person, so if you don't change your account, the store will take over the billing information.

However, when it comes to iOS > Android, the device is different and the account to identify the person is different, so objectively and mechanically, it is impossible to judge that the person has changed the model.Therefore, in order to provide content across multiple terminals, you must log in to an account that can be managed separately by the vendor and manage your billing information.

Or, like Pazdora, you can issue a transition code when changing the model and take over the data.

In any case, both Google and Apple have told us to do so, but please be aware that it cannot be implemented unless the vendor manages the purchase information.

Also, since the billing information = receipt information, including the au smart pass side, does not include any information such as "Which account did you buy from" and can only retrieve data until Google (Apple/au) determines "this is legitimate billing information?"

2022-09-30 14:10

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