What happens with NAPT when the port number is depleted and is there a way to deal with NAPT?

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I learned that NAPT assigns a port number in addition to an IP address so that one internal global IP address can be used by multiple hosts

There is also an upper limit (1024-65535) on the number of port numbers, but if the inside global IP address is small, I think this means that when NAPT is connected to an inside network with a 16-bit or larger host, the inside global IP address cannot be assigned and the port number is depleted.

Does this happen in the same way as when a normal NAT does not have enough internal global IP addresses?
Also, is there a solution to this problem?


2022-09-30 14:10

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What happens depends on the device, it may be silently discarded, ICMP host unreachable may return, or RST may return with TCP.

The workaround is to increase the number of addresses used for NAT (because ports cannot be increased), or to reduce the number of communications that are NATed.The latter, for example, might have a proxy server.

NAT is not often a problem, as most of the time it comes with a proxy server.

2022-09-30 14:10

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