Project file error occurs in MSBUILD.

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Run Environment
visual studio 2019
Windows 10

cmake --build.--config RELEASE
cmake --build.--config RELEASE --target INSTALL

This error occurred when I ran this command.

 C:\pytools\dlib\examples\build>cmake --build.--config RELEASE --target INSTALL
Microsoft® Build Engine version 16.6.0 + 5ff7b0c9e for .NET Framework
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

MSBUILD: error MSB1009: Project file does not exist.
So I thought I couldn't solve the problem by referring to this page, so I went ahead.
When I tried to build a solution in MSBuild, it didn't work.I was wondering if I should specify the .vcxproj file, so I tried this too, but the results didn't change.Please let me know if there is any solution.

windows visual-studio .net cmake

2022-09-30 14:13

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This is not an answer, but an arrangement and confirmation of the situation.
By the way, you have been multi-posted here. MSBUILD error occurs.

The status of the question appears to be that you were working on this page Install the latest version of Dlib (version 19.20.99) on Windows and received the above error during the last "4. Build and Install Operations".

Following the instructions provided, the following results of the 4. Build, Install, and 2.cmake operations in the sample program build do not include the files INSTALL.vcxproj and INSTALL.vcxproj.filters.

cmake-G "Visual Studio 16 2019" -Thost=x64^
    - DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="C:\pytools\dlib"..

Prior to that, they existed in the following steps:

  • Installing Dlib "6.cmake" and "8. Build, Install"
  • Build and Install 2.htmlify Installation of Tools Included with Dlib
  • Build and Install 3.imglab Installation of Tools Included with Dlib

By the way, if you use dlib C++ in VisualStudio 2017 (build edition), you can see INSTALL.vcxproj and INSTALL.vcxproj.filters files on the screen, but you don't seem to work on them.

Also, that says "follow description" and CMakeLists.txt in the C:/pytools/dlib/examples folder may not require any changes to cmake--build.--config RELEASE--target INSTALL/code>.Or maybe there was a bug when fixing or updating something.

I don't have a GPU and I don't have a CUDA, so that might be the effect.

The build of the sample program itself was completed with cmake--build.--config RELEASE in the previous line without INSTALL and C:/pytools/dlib/examples/builds/dlib_build/release and C:/pytools/dlib/release files and the folder.

If you are a third party not related to the university/laboratory, I do not recommend it, but since the contact information is clearly stated and the results/consistency of the description are related, it is possible for you to ask what is going on.

It may not be related, but there was a solution file for VisualStudio called examples.sln in the build folder of the above cmake results.
When I opened the solution in VisualStudioCommunity 2019 and built the ALL_BUILD project, I was able to run it halfway through.
In the middle, the heap capacity was insufficient and the build was not progressing, but it was done until then.

2022-09-30 14:13

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