SPRESENSE died suddenly?

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As soon as I switched from a short micro USB data cable to a long one, the blue LED on the SPRESENSE did not light up and the B-stem PDA01 I was wearing stopped working.In short, it looks like the situation is not turning on.Replacing the original short micro USB cable did not improve the situation.Until then, both programming and testing were going well.What is the cause?Do you die suddenly?


2022-09-30 14:17

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From a hardware perspective, the symptom of the serial port being alive and the power LED not turning on is that the CP2102n of the USB-UART bridge of IC6 is alive and the LDOLP115L401D of IC5 generating 5V->4V is dead.

You can see the schematic here.

If you look at the IC datasheet, you can imagine that the voltage tolerance (maximum rated voltage) of both is about 6V, so the power supply is 7V or higher (such as 12V?) when using a long USB cable, which may have caused damage to these ICs.

The USB cable itself is just plugged in, so it's hard to believe that the USB cable is the cause, so you might want to see if there's anything wrong with the power ahead.

Once, I accidentally plugged in 12V with my own USB cable and ruined one. (Crying)

2022-09-30 14:17

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