IJCAD VBA displays dialog when executing SaveAS command

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Migrating the DXF Bulk Translation Module created in AutoCAD VBA to IJCAD 2019.
I am trying to convert from VBA to DXF using SaveAS, but a file save dialog appears while executing the command, so I cannot convert all at once.

AutoCAD worked fine.Does IJCAD have any settings for displaying dialogs during API processing?

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2022-09-30 14:18

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Unfortunately, there is no way to hide the dialog if the dialog shown is a dialog that asks if you want to save the drawing in DWG format because it is saved in DXF format.

I think IJCAD also matches the specifications because it is the specification that displays this dialog for AutoCAD these days.

AutoCAD movement article

If IJCAD converts the drawing to DXF without this dialog, I think it would be better to use DXFOUT instead of SAVEAS.
However, IJCAD seems to change the DBMOD value when DXFOUT is performed, so by overwriting and saving the drawing after DXF is written, I think you can convert multiple drawings to DXF in bulk without issuing a warning dialog.

2022-09-30 14:18

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