How to switch accounts for multiple Gits from the same PC

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Thank you for your help.

I used to create a Git account and used it on my private PC for a while, but recently I started using it for work.

This time, I would like to create a separate Git account, create a separate private account, a separate repository, but when I push on my private PC, it is recognized by the user name I created before (currently using for work), and I cannot push it.

Please let me know if anyone knows how to separate Git accounts on the same PC.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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2022-09-30 14:23

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It depends on whether you use SSH or HTTPS...

If this problem occurs with HTTPS, I think the credential helper remembers the credentials (username/password).In this case, you can have another credential stored by putting the username in the URL.

 git clone
git clone https://[email protected] /user_a/aprojectX

See also

In this case, the user is identified by the private key and must use the private key differently.

Depending on your environment, if you use git push/pull in the command, you are probably using openssh for SSH connections.Then you can specify a private key for each destination in .ssh/config.

For example, .ssh/config should include:

Host github-private

If you use the github-private determined above instead of as the hostname,

 git clone [email protected]:user_a/projectX
git clone git @github-private:user_a/projectX

~/.ssh/id_rsa is used instead of ~/.ssh/id_rsa_private.

For Github only,

  • Register a work account as a Collaborator in a private repository
  • Register your work public key to your private account (if SSH)

and so on.

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You can rewrite the URL you want to clone by hand, or, for example, if you want to apply it to a Github user, you can automatically replace it by generating the entry url.<base>.insteadOf in gitconfig.You can replace it from the HTTPS URL.

 [url"[email protected]:user_a/"]

Note Rewrite Git Repository URL Settings "insteadOf" and "pushInsteadOf"-kakakakukublog

In either way, the name and email at the time of commitment must be changed separately.This is a function called conditional inclusions, and you might want to set it to ~/private/ and below to apply this gitconfig...

Reference Use includeIf to replace git config for each project - kakakaku blog

2022-09-30 14:23

There is no description of the operating system, but how about dividing the users on the operating system?

2022-09-30 14:23

For your information, using the Pro version of GitKraken, it seems that you can switch between multiple accounts.
(GUI Client for Windows, Mac, and Linux)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use multiple GitHub/Bitbucket accounts with GitKraken?
However, with GitKraken Pro's multiple profile support, you can easily switch between profiles that each have their own associated GitHub and BitBucket accounts.

2022-09-30 14:23

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