How to Obtain ICCID in a Program

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I would like to know how to obtain ICCID through the program.
I found a similar article at home, but the output is null.

How to use your home
NSSstring* [email protected]"/private/var/wireless/Library/Preferences/";
NSDictionary*dict = NSDictionaryDictionaryWithContentsOfFile:commcenter;
NSSstring*ICCID=[dict valueForKey:@"ICCID";

ios objective-c

2022-09-30 14:24

1 Answers

Currently, iOS cannot obtain unique identification IDs such as ICCIDs.

as you do in the link attached as your home method. You may have no choice but to create your own unique ID.

For your information, it was written on the page below that ICCID cannot be obtained.

2022-09-30 14:24

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