How to Specify a Mechanical Instance in an Environment with Both Mechanical and Electrical

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I'm going to use Interop.GcadVbaLib for reference.

In an environment where only IJCAD Mechanical is installed, everything works fine, but in an environment where Mechanical and Electrical are included, the screen appears to request a license even though both are licensed.
 You may be trying to generate an instance of Electrical with your Mechanical license information.

How can I specify a new GcadApplication() with Mechanical?

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2022-09-30 14:24

1 Answers

The error in the question cannot be reproduced.

If possible, could you give me the following information?
 ·Installed version of IJCAD Mechanical (★)
 ·Installed version of IJCAD Electrical (★)
 ·Order of installation of IJCAD Electrical and IJCAD Mechanical
 ·The path of the gcax.tlb you are referring to
 ·Simple code that reproduces the error in the question

★ "IJCAD version" means "Build●●●●" which can be confirmed by ABOUT command

Thank you for your cooperation.

2022-09-30 14:24

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