I want to limit the parameters from url in rails

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How do I limit the values when setting parameters in rails?

:age with age and passing parameters.


In this case, the :age condition is

  • Number
  • Up to 3 digits
  • Maximum value is 125 (for now)

Therefore, I would like to do something other than this, but how do I set it up?


2022-09-30 14:25

1 Answers

If :constraints is used to write the following:


If you want to specify a specific number, use a little ingenuity in the regular expression.


Or use lambda to do the following:

get"/users/list/:age"=>"users#list",:constraints=>lambda {|req|
  age=req.env ["action_dispatch.request.path_parameters"] [:age]
  age=~/\A\d{1,3}\z/and age.to_i<=125

However, in routes.rb, I think it's easy for the controller to determine the range, leaving it to be "numeric."

2022-09-30 14:25

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