How to create a date object from a hash in ruby

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I would like to create a date object by doing something like
Would you like to play it like Ruby?


2022-09-30 14:25

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=>#<Date: 2015-12-15(2457372j, 0s, 0n), +0s, 2299161j)>

Is it like this?

values is the basic instance method of hash.
It will appear as soon as you search, so please check it yourself.
ruby hash values-Google Search

* is less searchable, so I quote it.
Method call (with super block, field) (Ruby 2.2.0)

If the last argument is preceded by a *, the value of the argument is expanded and passed.Deployment is done via method to_a.I mean:


are each


Same as

In other words,

=>[2015, 12, 15]

If you pass it as it is, you will get an error.

[24]pry(main)>[2015, 12, 15])
NoMethodError: undefined method `<' for [2015, 12, 15]: Array
from(pry): 28: in `new'

It means that it is developed and handed over.
The following two have the same meaning.

[25]pry(main)>*[2015, 12, 15])
[26]pry(main)>, 12, 15)

You may want to search by ruby split.

As tmtms pointed out, values_at will be more robust.
You may want to check the difference between values and values_at.

2022-09-30 14:25

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