How do I reverse the image I took/selected with react native?

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Prerequisites/What you want to achieve

Other websites ask the same questions.Thank you for your cooperation.

I would like to reverse the image itself horizontally from the imagePicker.showImagePicker selected as react native.

Problems/Error Messages you are experiencing

Select, you can flip the image you took and 'show' it, but I don't know how to flip the image itself horizontally.

I want to upload it in inverted state, so I need to flip the image itself, not on the display.

Instead of reversing it when you select or take a picture, we expect you to reverse it later at any time you want.

Source Codes Affected

You can reverse the appearance here.

 transform: [{scaleX:-1},

I don't know how to reverse the image data itself.

javascript reactjs react-native

2022-09-30 14:28

1 Answers

Why don't you upload it after you upload it instead of flip it?On the server side, I think it can be processed with tools such as ImageMagic.

2022-09-30 14:28

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