Can you push the tag from github actions to the original repository?

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When you try to automate the OSS routine as much as possible with github action, you want to push the tag to the original repository.

  • How can I push the tag to the original repository with github action?


2022-09-30 14:29

1 Answers

It seems that there are some actions that can be used to type a tag, so would these be possible?

To implement with official functionality, do you call github-script and createTag()

uses:actions/[email protected]
  github-token: ${secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN}}
  script: |
      owner —context.repo.owner,
      repo —context.repo.repo,
      tag: ...,
      message: ...,
      object: ...,
      type: ...

(I didn't try it.)

2022-09-30 14:29

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