I want to change the format (date and time display) of the legend in chronological order.

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We generated a line graph by performing the following:
If you want the time in the legend to format YYYY-MM-DD (date only, no time), where should I fix it?

for i in range(0,10):
    plt.legend(loc='upper left',bbox_to_anchor=(1,1)))
    plt.ticklabel_format (style='plain', axis='y')
    plt.savefig(fig_name, bbox_inches="tight", pad_inches=0.25) 

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Please refer to the comments to your question and use the similar data you have

#plt.legend(loc='upper left', bbox_to_anchor=(1,1)))
           loc='upper left', bbox_to_anchor=(1,1))

I tried and got the desired result, but according to matplotlib.pyplot.legend, this format seems to be deprecated.Here is an example of a description to take out and process the label, and the result of the drawing (of similar data).

lbls = [s.split()[0] for s in lbls] #YYYY-MM-DD
# lbls=[s.split()[0][5:] for in lbls]#MM-DD
ax.legend(handles=hndls, labels=lbls,
          loc='upper left', bbox_to_anchor=(1,1))
ax.ticklabel_format (style='plain', axis='y')
plt.savefig(fig_name, bbox_inches="tight", pad_inches=0.25)

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